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Success by Day Series
Daniel understands the importance of learning, and that acquiring knowledge and experience from other people is one of the best ways to go about it. Success by Day is a series designed around this principle. Each video dives into a book, and Daniel discusses an excerpt from it in terms of success and progression.

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Why Should You Progress?

One thing that has fascinated me for quite some time is the natural need for progression. WHY do we have a desire to progress and get better? Well, from an evolutionary standpoint it makes perfect sense...but here are four reasons you should keep improving what you do...
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Why You're Wrong About Your Life

I’ve realized throughout my life so far that each of us is probably the worst person to gauge our success and define how we interact with the world. I've spoken a lot about stepping back from your life or your problems and dealing with them, and I think this applies more than anything else here. At sev...
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Compare Yourself To Others

Your brain might be going haywire right now...compare myself to others?? Everyone I've ever spoken to has told me NOT to compare myself to other people! I was told the same thing growing up, and some people even told me that when I first started building my brand...
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