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What is your life like? Do you wake up every morning without direction? Do you feel trapped in your job or career? Do you get frustrated or annoyed easily by things in your daily life? Are your levels of stress and anxiety taking over? Do you feel lost, unmotivated, or overwhelmed by life? And most importantly, do you have goals or a lifestyle in mind that you have no idea how to reach?

I did too. In 2012 I was working in corporate America for one of the top financial institutions in the country. I was 22 years old earning an amazing salary; I had two weeks of paid vacation, paid sick days, medical benefits. I had great relationships in my life, and my weekends were full of things I really wanted to do. But there was a problem: I wasn’t happy.

It didn’t make any sense…I had a seemingly perfect life, one that a lot of people would love to have, and yet I wasn’t happy with it. For me, the low point came early in the morning one day at work: I had to send a fax.

You read that correctly…a fax. I was standing at the fax machine, punching in the fax number, and I got angry. For whatever reason, I was in such a negative place in my life, and I hadn’t even realized it until that moment. Such a trivial thing frustrated me to the point of gritting my teeth and being visibly angry.

I don’t know what it was, but something made me stop and observe what had happened. I stepped back and though…what the heck is going on with me? Why am I letting this ruin my day? I spent the remainder of the day wondering what had happened. I knew I used to be so happy and positive, and now I was the total opposite. I started to realize that my entire life, not just work, had declined into severe negativity. I didn’t have a very good outlook on life, I wasn’t sure where I was going, I was living every day without goals, I wasn’t sure what I wanted in life, I was short with family and friends, and everything, no matter how small, seemed to anger me or stress me out.

But that morning as I stood at the fax machine, I took a stand. I said to myself, “that’s it! I’m not going to live my life like this anymore! Something has to change, and I’m going to figure out how to make that change.”

And I did. My life became consumed with research. When I wasn’t working, I was researching or in a deep state of thought and contemplation. I read everything I could about attitude, motivation, psychology, philosophy, inspiration, human drive, human potential, and personal development. I started getting up at 4am just to research and write and think. My daily schedule was crazy: I was up at 4am, from 4am to 7am I researched and read and wrote feverishly, at 7am I left for work and worked straight through until 5pm, at which point I would come home and begin my research again until 10pm. At 10pm I would finally go to sleep, and six hours later I was up again.

Something amazing happened. All of my research and thought and writing turned me into a different person entirely. Suddenly I wasn’t hitting the snooze button anymore, but instead I would jump out of bed at the alarm, excited to start my work. I wasn’t frustrated with things anymore, or angry, or upset, but instead I was positive and happy…I had never been so happy. I wasn’t anti-social or shy anymore, but instead I was outgoing and social and happy to make conversation with strangers. My life had turned around completely.

And suddenly I realized the most amazing thing about what had happened: I hadn’t changed a thing other than my attitude, but my attitude seemingly had changed everything around me.

Since then, I have left corporate America, never to return. I have set out on my own, I have built my own brand, and I have created products that other people can use to make the same changes in their own lives.

I went from a negative person with a very small vision of an average future to an incredibly positive person, one who has a HUGE outlook, incredible expectations of the future, and the confidence that I am creating the life I want and deserve.

I don’t say these things to brag. I say them because I want to help you do the same.

After all of my research, thinking, writing, blogging, and coaching, I’m ready to help you make the same change, to help you turn your life around and start sprinting toward your greatness.

My programs and books are designed to give you the framework you need to get what you want in life, and then to APPLY that framework to your own life. I want BIG change for you. So if you’re ready…JOIN ME.

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