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A Message From Daniel:
30-Day Revolution is your chance to revolt against the way you've been living. It's so easy to get caught up in life and not even realize that you've lost control: jobs come and go, career paths change, kids jump in...sometimes these things consume your thoughts so much that you forget about where your life is going. Of course, these things are important, but your own happiness is important as well. 30-Day Revolution is the perfect way to bring that happiness back.

A few years ago I realized something. As I sat in a corporate-America office doing a corporate-America job, I realized that I was unhappy. I didn't enjoy my job; I enjoyed my paycheck. I reasoned with myself that the job was a means to an end, and I promised myself at least once a week that I wouldn't get stuck there like so many people do.

The game-changer for me was when I started bumping into someone on another floor that looked remarkably like me, only about 30 years older. He always looked annoyed and unhappy, and he looked just like my energetic 20-something-year-old self. In my mind, I was seeing the natural progression in the building: you get there in your twenties and you're excited to have a real job. You're exhilarated because of the new work and because you're learning new things. Then it starts to get old and you start disliking your job. Then you start hating work but you've reached a point in your life where you need that paycheck, and suddenly there is no turning back.

This is exactly the thing I desired to change. For myself, I didn't have anyone guiding me. I had to learn to revolt myself. I had to learn how and why to give up that paycheck, how to change my mindset so that the job didn't become the ruler of my life, how to stay in control when you have put that control in someone else's hands. 30-Day Revolution is a plan to get that control back.

What I did was hard. Revolting against unhappiness is difficult when that unhappiness is bringing you an income that most people would die for. I know it's hard for other people because I worked with some of my colleagues to get them out of there as well. With 30-Day Revolution I have created a blueprint for you to make the same revolution I did, to reprogram the way you think, to motivate you to focus on happiness, success, fulfillment, and wealth rather than settling for a paycheck. 30-Day Revolution will guide you toward the life you want and deserve, and AWAY from the life you may have fallen into.

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One of the key things to realize before purchasing this program is that life is precious, and in life, TIME is precious. Time is the most valuable commodity because everyone always wants more and no one can never buy it. The demand is infinite and the supply is hyper-limited. This is a terrible truth for people who don't spend their time working on their own happiness, on developing themselves and building their futures.

You've probably heard the quote, "If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs." Has this already happened to you? Are you spending your time working for someone else's money?

Here is a key thing to realize, throughout 30-Day Revolution and beyond it: time is the most precious commodity, so if you are trading your time for money, you are getting a BAD DEAL. Remember: you can always earn more money, but you can never earn more time.

This is another area where 30-Day Revolution will help you greatly. You'll learn how to manage time, money, and happiness in ways that will free you entirely. You'll learn how to look at your life in terms of years and decades rather than minutes and hours. You'll learn to shift your focus to what is truly important in life, and all of these things will lead to a better, happier, more fulfilling life.

There's another realization I had that I want to share with you before we get started. I was working for one of the top finance companies in the country, earning a hefty salary for my age, enjoying paid vacations and sick days, and I was moving up in the company rapidly. I was completing my first master's degree with a 4.0 GPA. I knew I was dating the woman I would eventually marry. Everyone around me said I had everything going for me, and my life was on a great track. What do you think?

I certainly didn't think so. I knew at that time the lifestyle I wanted to live, I knew the income I wanted to earn, the car I wanted to drive, the career I wanted to have. Some things in my life were in perfect order, and maybe everything was from an outside perspective, but I wanted more. And the realization I had was this: the road I am on right now will NEVER get me where I want to go. I thought about it logically, and it made sense.

So I began my own revolution. Like I said before, it wasn't easy creating my own steps...that's why I designed 30-Day Revolution for you, so you don't have to do it by yourself. I know what it's like to want more out of life. I know what it's like to know you want more but to see that the path you're on will never get you there. I know what it's like to feel the pain of not having what you want and not knowing how to get it.

30-Day Revolution is NOT a program designed to get you to quit your job...I would never tell anyone that they had to quit their job or leave their employer or become an entrepreneur in order to be happy. Everyone is different, everyone needs different things to be happy, and I understand that. 30-Day Revolution is designed to help you find your own happiness, to figure out what you truly desire in life, and then put in place the steps to get there.

30-Day Revolution will help you:

* better manage time, money, and happiness
* give up your crippling excuses and get you to start working toward the life you desire
* think about your life from perspectives you may not even know exist
* take responsibility for your state of being
* use that responsibility to CHANGE your state of being

I'm really excited to share this program with you, and I know for a fact that if you open your mind a little and begin your revolution with me TODAY, we can get your life moving exactly where you want it to go. A beautiful vacation home? A 6-figure or even a 7-figure income? A happier life? Financial independence or freedom? A job that exhilarates you and gets you jumping out of bed in the morning, excited to start the day? Let's get it!
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