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Why Should You Progress?


          On my other websites and blogs, I've spoken extensively about how you should go about choosing what you do for a living. It's a complex issue, and it not only affects your life, it IS your life. I'm going to be compiling those thoughts into one post for you here soon, but today I'm going to be talking about improving what you already do.

          One thing that has fascinated me for quite some time is the natural need for progression. WHY do we have a desire to progress and get better? Well, from an evolutionary standpoint it makes perfect sense...but here are four reasons you should keep improving what you do:

1) Confidence

Confidence is one of the most difficult things to create in yourself. I know that was one of my biggest hurdles; I was always thinking, why are people going to want to listen to ME when there are so many other experts out there? I learned quickly that confidence can come from two places. The first is character. Some people's natural attitude toward themselves allows them to be confident. But the second place confidence can come from is practice. I don't mean you should practice being confident. Instead, practice what you want to apply your confidence to. The more you know about a topic or an area of knowledge, the more confidence you will have. If you spend a year becoming an expert on ONE topic, your confidence will skyrocket in that area (and carry over to other areas of your life!).

2) Increased Salary

I couldn't avoid putting this one on here. Earl Nightingale said it best: "We get paid in exact proportion to the service we provide." The better you become at your job or a specific task, the more service and expertise you will be able to provide to those around you. If you own your own business, you should know this formula well: improved skills = increased service = increased salary. If you work for a company and you consistently provide more service than you are paid for, someone will notice and begin paying you accordingly. This may sound ridiculous, but I experienced it myself. I spent two months improving the service I provided to my company...then I was handed a $10,000 raise and a promotion. Trust me: someone will notice your effort and begin paying you accordingly.

3) Respect and Admiration

I remember vividly my dad telling me about when he worked in a digital communications company. He said he was the oldest one there and knew the least about everything. When he made the leap to real estate, his talents, skills, and interests made him one of the best in our area. I remember him telling me that being respected by your peers and known as a top producer was one of the best feelings. I can agree: after two months of improving my service in my previous job, everyone - even those who had been there longer and had seniority - came to me with questions and concerns. Recognition isn't everything, but it's a wonderful feeling knowing that you are the best of the best.

4) The Ability to Mentor

This last one goes hand in hand with #3. When you are at the top of your game and everyone around you knows it, you are given the wonderful opportunity to teach and mentor others. There are few things as rewarding as helping other people, and since you're an expert in what you do, the confidence you have in yourself to build someone up to the top tier is exhilarating. Once you progress to the point of being an expert in an area, you get to share your gift and your talent with other people...not only with the people you help directly, but also with others who perform your function as well. You get to compound your effect on the world, and that's when your work becomes truly rewarding.

          So remember these four "reasons to progress" when you're working hard and you lose sight of why. I'll be talking more about finding a "why" for what you do, but for now, keep these four things at the front of your mind as you improve and move past your current limits.


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